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The congress “Rehabilitation and Sustainability. The Future is Possible” takes its place in the debate about the future from the viewpoint of the construction sector, a sector that has to prepare itself for a new, more solid, coherent, structured model—in short, a model more like that of developed countries, where rehabilitation and sustainability are vital pillars.
The foremost objective is to help change the unthinking dynamic of recent decades in the construction sector. This change is only possible if we follow the European model, with the promotion and consolidation of rehabilitation and sustainability that befit an advanced, evolved, modern society. Identifying the most suitable itineraries and tools for achieving this is the operative objective of the congress, calling for a new and decisive position for rehabilitation in housing policies, at the service of society’s present-day needs.
The aim is to define the model and create the appropriate framework that will help us to emerge stronger from today’s crisis and advance firmly towards a new structure for the sector, assisted by political and

technical measures, based on two vital, inseparable pillars: rehabilitation and sustainability. Only by basing our interventions on sustainable rehabilitation can we effectively contribute to the population’s quality of life, social cohesion, the preservation of cultural values, social and economic reinforcement, and commitment to combating climate change and improving environmental quality. Public and private developers must commit to the challenge of the future in a clear, transparent framework of action.